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Micromax is an Indian company specializing in consumer products such as mobile phones, tablets, data cards and LED televisions. Micromax was founded in 1999 and has about 1,000 employees with its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Why is this information pertinent? Well it could be as Micromax mulls over the idea of releasing its smartphones to the United States market. In India, Micromax overthrew Samsung to become the largest smartphone provider and this is huge as India becomes the second largest smartphone market out there- and Micromax is thinking about expanding- it could be a great thing. [caption id="attachment_7034" align="alignnone"...

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Have you heard of Cyanogen? If you love to root your Android phone, you no doubt do but for those that do not, they are a company that made an Android that was not attached to the Google Play Store or other Google services. Cyanogen is an open source form of Android allowing developers to build, tweek and make a better operating system. Cyanogen is working on having its version of Android on smartphones and wants to be the Android people want. Cyanogen has now partnered with Microsoft and this could mean something big for both companies. The partnership with...

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