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Googles Material Design

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Now Google’s a tease! When Google unveiled an early build of Android Lollipop back in the summer of 2014 as Android L we had a taste of an all new revamped Android goodness. True to what Google delivers it was pushed to all the nexus devices as that is what it was actually developed upon. There are no UI overlays an actual beautiful, pure, sleek Android interface in all its glory. Now all the third manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and even Sony are slowly rolling out the update to their own devices, even though the manufacturers add their own overlays...

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HTC’s Flagship Phone

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HTC has struggled with getting its piece of the smartphone pie. HTC has a great phone and those who buy HTC phones usually stay with HTC phones. December is not usually a time when smartphone companies announce “new” smartphones because they want you money on the phones out but HTC has leaked information about the upcoming HTC flagship phone. These are all just rumors but if half of them are true, then HTC will officially enter the ring and may beat Apple and Samsung. Let’s take a look at the specification of the new HTC flagship device (which are AMAZING)....

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HTC One M8

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When deciding on the next phone, it may seem easy – in the beginning, but with all the great choices, which phone should you choose?  One to consider is the HTC One M8. HTC took a design and upgraded every bit of the design.  The HTC One M8 builds on the past models, improving the smartphone in every way.  The first notable difference is the feel of the phone.  HTC One M8 has a 5-inch screen but still feels small in your hands.  This could be because the phone is 5.76 inches tall, 2.78 inches wide and JUST .37 inches...

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