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Android Lollipop Security

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Security has been a huge issue with the Android OS and there have been reports of malware showing up on Android Smartphones here recently and I have seen a few. These are not really all that bad, but if you visited some really shady sites and actually invited malware to install on your device that wouldn’t be good. Google has some built in protection already, by scanning apps on the Play Store in real time. Now with Android Lollipop coming out, there are more advanced security features to help keep your smart phone safe from malware. Multi-layer security Android Lollipop...

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Malware Maintenance Basics

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Routine maintenance is important for your house, vehicle, teeth and your computer. As much as we procrastinate and put those things off they eventually get our attention. The point of maintenance is to try and avoid the frustrating and sometimes painful attention getters. One area of our lives that often is taken for granted is the correct operation of the computers we use. It’s easier than you think to protect your computer from most malware and even remove most simple forms.   Removing malware from your computer is impossible without some kind of anti-malware software, the foundation of which is...

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Computer Virus and Malware information

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Computer Virus and Malware information What is “Malware”, it is short for malicious software. This is software designed to inflict damage to your PC, gather information without your permission and gain access to system resources and wreak havoc to your system. Malware also includes viruses, spyware and information gathering software. Why should you care about Malware? It provides hackers access to your computer,. Snoop on your computer activity, web browsing and it can also log your keystrokes. It can also transmit this information without you knowing. These are also bad because it leads to identity theft, delete files, format your...

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Where to get a new Phone?

We have the largest selection of new, used, and refurbished phones, computers, and tablets in Arkansas. Gadget Grave has replacement Verizon, AT&T, and Unlocked smartphones. Your old gadgets are often worth money, and we accept trade-ins - so bring in your old phones, tablets, and computers.

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