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Windows 10

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It sure seems like once every few years Microsoft has a flop operating system and then a really good one. While I do like Windows 8.1, the majority of PC users are not super impressed with its UI and functionality. Windows 8.1 looked to capitalize on the capabilities of touch as well as nice visuals to begin easing into its new mission statement of carrying an experience across multiple devices (tablets, consoles, laptop's etc...). While the idea is nice, most people miss the start menu and other basic functions of Windows, while even more still don't know how to use...

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3 Android Features Not on iPhone

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How often do we compare Android with iOS each and every time Google and/or Apple announce a new version of their OS, fans of both sides take to the internet to argue who did it first, or who did it better. Most of the time, the two operating systems do borrow or adapt popular features from one or the other but a lot of features, even popular ones, often do not make the transition. That’s where you see a lot of the differences between the two in terms of features. Both Google and Apple follow a certain philosophy when adding...

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Android Lollipop

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If there is anyone as excited about Google’s new 5th version of Android “Lollipop” it would have to be me! Besides a total revamp of the OS there are some really useful features to make your Android experience totally awesome. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty! Not long ago, Google officially announced Android 5.0 Lollipop.  Lollipop is going to be huge for a lot of reasons. One, it is the first OS to launch that Google has used as an “open-book” policy. What this means is Google will allow Developers to have early access to the Beta in order...

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