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Computer Repair

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Computer problems can be super frustrating. Even if your computer is under warranty it can seem like the manufacturer is only interested in selling you something else like an extended service plan etc... We technicians have been in the computer repair business for 20+ years and we know what your going through as we have had to repair our own from time to time. The answers to problems are not always simple and sometimes a simple issue can require multiple troubleshooting techniques to resolve. There are an infinite amount of problems out there that can keep you from getting school, work...

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Large Phone

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With many large phones in the market, it leaves one to wonder what is the best “phablet (phone +tablet) out on the market.   The most popular brands include Sony, Nokia and Samsung- with Samsung giving you 2 choices! Up first- is Sony.  Sony phones have not penetrated the market like other phones- but their Sony Xperia Z Ultra.  This phone is water resistant for up to one meter, and is dust proof.  The display is a 6.4-inch screen made with shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass.  Also, it has 10-finger multi-touch.  This phone has an 8MP camera with a 2MP front...

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Android Problem

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  Android problem 1. Stop using data when abroad. One option is an app called APNd on/off from Google play. This turns off your data connections from a widget on your home screen. This method is way easier than going through your settings.   Android problem 2. My phone has frozen Usually a soft reset will solve this issue. There is an app from the play store that will do this for you. Fast Reboot is an app that simulates a soft reset and closes all running processes with one tap of your finger.   Android problem 3. Why can...

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Maxwest Gravity 5.5 and Gravity 6

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Maxwest smartphones are a great alternative to spending a lot of money for an unlocked smartphone.  Maxwest was established in 2001.  It is an upcoming brand of phones that are affordable and sleek. We carry the Maxwest Gravity 5.5 and 6.  Both are phablet devices that are beautifully made. Maxwest  Gravity 5.5 was released in June of 2014.  The Maxwest Gravity 5.5 has a 5.5” LCD capacitive touchscreen, dual SIM card slots and can be used on any GSM network!  The device has a quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex- A7, a 13 MP camera and a 2 MP front facing camera. ...

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Water Damaged Phone

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What to do if your phone gets water damaged: It is a smartphone owner’s biggest fear – dropping the phone into water.  It happens often, especially the phone falling out of the pocket into a toilet.  What you do after your phone is water damaged, may help save the device.   First, try and get the device out as fast as possible.  The less time the phone is in the water, the higher the probability that your phone is not a total loss.   Next, take the battery and SIM card if you have one.  If the battery cannot be...

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Where to get a new Phone?

We have the largest selection of new, used, and refurbished phones, computers, and tablets in Arkansas. Gadget Grave has replacement Verizon, AT&T, and Unlocked smartphones. Your old gadgets are often worth money, and we accept trade-ins - so bring in your old phones, tablets, and computers.

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