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Fujisawa, The Sustainable City

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Panasonic has done something that no one else has; built an entire city that is sustainable. The city still uses water, fuel and electricity but efficiently. Panasonic built a sustainable city just outside Tokyo that is experimenting with sustainable designs. You should look at this town; it could become the wave of the future. What does this town offer? Every house and business in the town has solar panels and batteries for storing extra energy. The lights are LED and there is a ride-sharing service to promote commuting with your peers. Fujisawa, the sustainable city, also offers a kitchen with...

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Road Not Taken...Yet

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Every single day free energy comes streaming down to us; relatively unlimited, clean energy that until recent times was sort of a joke. Whatever you believe, you can appreciate words like “unlimited” and “clean”, right? The question is how do we justify putting more money in industries that previously have let us down. The simplicity of this solar collecting idea is what makes it a possible winner and a catalyst for solar power dominance. Quite possibly the solution to clean, renewable energy may be right under our feet. A winding network of previously misunderstood untapped usable space right under our...

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Where to get a new Phone?

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