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Googles Material Design

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Now Google’s a tease! When Google unveiled an early build of Android Lollipop back in the summer of 2014 as Android L we had a taste of an all new revamped Android goodness. True to what Google delivers it was pushed to all the nexus devices as that is what it was actually developed upon. There are no UI overlays an actual beautiful, pure, sleek Android interface in all its glory. Now all the third manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and even Sony are slowly rolling out the update to their own devices, even though the manufacturers add their own overlays...

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Features that you should turn off on a Samsung Smartphone

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Features that you should turn off on a Samsung Smartphone... Samsung and its TouchWiz has SO many features that there is not another device that can match it. Getting the latest Samsung smartphones means there are features that come out of the box you should turn off or change. There are six common features that come standard and how to turn off these features. First, is the “water droplet” sounds that Samsung smartphones. The water droplet sound was introduced on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and has carried on through all the newest smartphones. This feature is can be turned off...

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Where to get a new Phone?

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