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Android Lollipop Security

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Security has been a huge issue with the Android OS and there have been reports of malware showing up on Android Smartphones here recently and I have seen a few. These are not really all that bad, but if you visited some really shady sites and actually invited malware to install on your device that wouldn’t be good. Google has some built in protection already, by scanning apps on the Play Store in real time. Now with Android Lollipop coming out, there are more advanced security features to help keep your smart phone safe from malware. Multi-layer security Android Lollipop...

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The 5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses

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Could your computer already be infected? In 2014 cybercrime has caused a great amount of cyber-security incidents. Two Anti-Virus Companies have put together estimates that lose billions each year! Symantec estimated that cybercrime victims worldwide lose around $360 billion each year, and a McAfee study has put cybercrime profits at $933 billion a year. It is estimated that there are more than 150,000 computer viruses in circulation and 148,000 computers infected daily. Here are some of the viruses you should be especially wary of. Zeroaccess This is known as the max++ and Sirefef, this is a rootkit that is responsible for numerous botnets that spread throughout...

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Viruses, Malware, Blue Screen of death, Oh My.

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Computer problems are enough to stress anyone out. The unfortunate truth is today you have thousands of concerns coming out each day that can knock out your computer, especially if you are on the internet. While there are plenty of programs that can handle the basics like virus removal, malware removal and even pop up removal, they can be difficult to utilize if you already have an infection on your computer. In this case, it will be a good idea to get a professional to help you with the processing that can help you to speed up a slow computer...

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