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Your iPhone is dying

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     Your iPhone like any wireless device relies on batteries. Unfortunately, due to the chemical process that allows the lithium and electrolyte coated layers inside the battery to store and discharge electrons, the more reactions that take place, the less reactive they are. In short, it is dying every time you use a battery cycle.      One battery cycle could be compared to a 1 gallon jug, the first time you pour out one gallon (no matter if you pour out a little then fill it back up, or pour the whole thing out at once.) If the amount that you've poured out totals to 1...

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iPhone 3g and 3g S Cracked Digitizer Replacement

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So you just dropped your iPhone 3G and the glass shattered / cracked / broke? 

While it does stink, it is not time to send it to the Grave yet!  If your glass touch panel is cracked or broken but your iPhone 3G still functions properly and your LCD display still works, then what you need is a new digitizer (we sell the whole kit over here). You can either repair the glass display yourself or send it in to us for repair.

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Is my broken iPhone 3G covered under warranty?

No, a broken glass display on the iPhone 3G is not covered under the limited 1 year Apple warranty. Neither are you covered if you bought the Apple Care Protection Plan for you iPhone 3G.

“Apple's Limited Warranty for iPhone excludes coverage for damage resulting from accident, disassembly, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications. Please review the warranty for further details. An iPhone that has failed due to damage resulting from accident, disassembly, unauthorized service, or unauthorized modifications is not eligible for warranty service, however, your iPhone may be eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) Service if the damage is repairable.” – iPhone Service FAQ


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Where to get a new Phone?

We have the largest selection of new, used, and refurbished phones, computers, and tablets in Arkansas. Gadget Grave has replacement Verizon, AT&T, and Unlocked smartphones. Your old gadgets are often worth money, and we accept trade-ins - so bring in your old phones, tablets, and computers.

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