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Get a Replacement Phone Today!

Are you looking to replace your old phone? We have many great replacement phones in stock and they are backed by a 180 day warranty. There is an extensive testing process that goes into each phone we sell. We sell both online and in the store. We carry many different devices from flip phones to smartphones.

Tired of your phone?

Bring it to Gadget Grave and Sell your device. We buy broken gadgets (if they still have value), and always try to give a higher trade value than cash value. This helps ensure you get the best deal possible on a used replacement phone.

  • Apple iPhones
  • Samsung Android Devices
  • HTC Smartphones
  • Nokia Smartphones
  • AT&T Replacement Phones
  • Verizon Replacement Phones
  • Straight Talk Replacement Phones
  • Page Plus Replacement Phones

Is your Cell Phone Broken?

We have all of the most common repair parts in stock and it usually only take a couple of hours to finish the repair. This makes it easier to avoid a lot of those “2-4 business days” situations just to fix the broken glass on your mobile phone.

The importance of having your cell phone.

To most of us, the cell phone is just as important as your wallet or car keys. During the repair, our automated Customer Relations Management Software has the ability to email, text, and call you throughout the repair to keep you updated.

Where to get a new Phone?

We have the largest selection of new, used, and refurbished phones, computers, and tablets in Arkansas. Gadget Grave has replacement Verizon, AT&T, and Unlocked smartphones. Your old gadgets are often worth money, and we accept trade-ins - so bring in your old phones, tablets, and computers.

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