Casephile Defense Case - iPhone 5 & 5S & SE - Pink

Casephile Defense Case - iPhone 5 & 5S & SE - Pink

  • $ 19.99

MSRP $15


This case comes with Retail-Ready packaging. 

  • Complete functionality is retained through the Defender Series, including speaker, microphone, camera and flash
  • Silicone tabs prevent dust, dirt and debris from the volume controls, power button, and headphone jack
  • Three layers of defense include an inner polycarbonate shell, built-in screen protector, and outer silicone slipcover
  • A built-in screen protector prevents scuffs, scrapes and smudges while still maintaining the sensitivity of the touchscreen
  • Two-piece polycarbonate shell snaps together to form a snug fit
  • Outer silicone slipcover wraps around the inner shell to create a solid defense against mishaps such as bumps, drops and shocks
*Ask about bulk packaging and MOQs 

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